Centrale à Béton Super Mobile 90m3
Marque : Goker

Why Super MobilmiX90 ?

Integrated on the single trailer chassis including
4x20 =80 m3 aggragate hopper, special V-Pattern tape that works at angle of 30o,mixer and weighing unit, cabin and all electropreumatic group.
Mounting could be completed in 30 minutes without crane using optional hydraulic cylinders and additional systems.
Consists of European HEB profilles.
With optional jib crane and chain hoist system on the batching plant, all equipments could be mounted without crane.
Mounted as bolting on 16 ton x 2 high capacity trilex W-Boggie Axle HEB profile chassis.
With 4 main column, system enables to produce accurate concrete

Capacity / Hour 90m³
Mixer Type SIMEM MSO 3000
Dry Filling Capacity 3000 Liter
Compacted concrete – Output 2000 Liter
Aggregate Stocking 4x20=80m³
Aggregate Compartments 4 units
Aggregate Weighing Hopper Capacity 6 m³
Additive Hopper Capacity 30 kg
Cement Weighing Hopper Capacity 1000 kg
Water Weighing Hopper Capacity 600 kg
Total Power 170 kW
Aggregates Loading System 800x17750 mm
For Aggregates Loading System Hopper Capacity 4 m³

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