Centrale à Béton Mobile 120m3
Marque : Goker

Why MobilmiX120 ?

SIMEM MSO 4500/3000 Twinshaft Mixer
4X25=100m³ below aggregates hopper in each compartment which have 2 discharge gates and steel construction mountedthe below chassis. 2 discharge gates allows for accuracy weighing
Main chassis is constructed as a container which reduces transportation cost down to 50%
Can be transported by a 3-unit trailer
By adding an axle below main chassis and aggregates hopper, can be converted to a trailer

Capacity / Hour 120m³
Mixer Type SIMEM MSO 4500
Dry Filling Capacity 4500 Liter
Compacted concrete – Output 3000 Liter
Aggregate Stocking 4x25=100m³
Aggregate Compartments 4 units
Aggregate Weighing Hopper Capacity 10 m³
Additive Hopper Capacity 50 kg
Cement Weighing Hopper Capacity 2000 kg
Water Weighing Hopper Capacity 800 kg
Total Power 200 kW

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